Our Story

Revolution Carts was started by Richard Gomez, Matthew Geller, and Patrick Lennon. Three industry experts saw the need for small street vendors to get health-permitted, compliant vending carts. With over 30 years of manufacturing, grassroots advocacy, and education experience, in 2021, the team designed the first ever LA County Health Department permitted prepackaged hot holding push cart for vendors who wanted the opportunity to sell legally with the LA City Sidewalk Vending Permit. Their first sidewalk cart, “The Tamalero,"  is a lightweight, affordable sidewalk cart with low operational costs and is the perfect tool for new or experienced small business owners to enter the formal economy and sell at high volume. Following the Tamalero, in the spring of 2024, Chief Engineer Richard Gomez designed the first health permitted Sidewalk Grill Cart to be used for onsite cooking.

At Revolution, when conceptualizing new designs, the team doesn't just focus on the mechanics of the sidewalk carts they build; they use the carts as a medium to express their identity—creatively, politically, and culturally. In addition to being used for cooking, selling, and providing opportunities, Revolution's sidewalk carts also help beautify the city streets in which they roll, serving local and traditional fare from a piece of art. 

More than a business, it's a passion project for three friends who believe that providing carts for vendors is only the first step in the vending cycle. Partnering with large sponsors, food distributors, and vendor technology solution platforms like BFT, Revolution Carts plans to provide resources for vendors to help guide them to the successful operation they've always dreamed of.