The Tamalero

Revolution Carts is now accepting orders for "The Tamalero" Tamale Cart. Current pricing per cart is $7500.00 + tax

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Revolution Carts collaboration with Rock Star + LA Graffiti Artist Defer + At Bev's Tamales


Revolution Carts & The Rockstar Cinco - When LA street vendors collaborate with LA Artists to bring local food and art cultures together, making beautiful Tamal Carts. Respect the Hustle - Artists include: Defer + Ezra L.A. + Nevermade + Mel Depaz + Ernesto Yerena Montejano 


Let's go Dodgers! Revolution Carts teamed up with Levy Restaurants to bring these Blue beauties to Dodger Stadium. Keep an eye out for them rollin' through the stadium grounds, serving up famous dodger dogs & tamales 💙

Donate to a Vendor

Revolution Carts would like to collect donations to give away free Tamale Carts to deserving LA Sidewalk Vendors. With every donation goal met, the team at Revolution Carts will match the donation with an additional free Tamale cart. 

LA County Tamale Vendors have been ignored and harassed for decades. With no affordable food cart options, they've been forced to operate in the shadows. Revolution Carts has brought the first affordable Los Angeles County Health Department compliant Tamale Cart to the sidewalks of LA. Over 5000 Tamale vendors operating daily in LA County can now get a cart and a health permit.

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