Cart Giveaway!

Taco Bell® has partnered with Revolution Carts to give back to its roots, empowering local entrepreneurs by gifting health compliant hot hold food carts to deserving vendors in Southern California.

If you're a current vendor selling in Los Angeles or surrounding areas and are looking to take your business to the next level, click the button below to fill out a short questionnaire for a chance to win a free Revolution Cart!

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Sidewalk grill cart for sale health department approved Grill push cart

Sidewalk Grill Cart For Sale!

Sidewalk Grill Carts are now part of the Revolution Carts roster! Have your very own health department approved mobile Taco Cart or Hot Dog Cart business right on the sidewalk. Choose between lightweight aluminum or painted fiberglass body types. These street carts will be the most affordable and best sidewalk carts on the street!

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The Tamalero

Sidewalk push cart for sale! Revolution Carts is now accepting orders for "The Tamalero", a pre-packaged hot hold food cart that is health permitted for selling on the sidewalks. Perfect to use as your next Tamale Cart, Hot Dog Cart, Burrito Cart or Tacos de Canasta! We can ship anywhere in the US!

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Collaborations & Happy Street Vendors

"Sidewalk Cart Giveaway With Taco Bell & Revolution Carts @ Pico Union"

Taco Bell® has partnered with Revolution Carts to give back to its roots, empowering local street vendors by gifting health compliant hot hold food sidewalk carts to deserving vendors in Southern California. When the program is completed, and with the help of The Sheppard, 20 sidewalk legal food carts will have been donated by the end of 2023. Keep an eye out for more generous donations of free carts in the Summer of 2024 at the Ave26 Night Market!


"Taco Bell Gifts The Last Bunch Of Sidewalk Carts To Local Street Vendors For A Total Of 20 Free Carts!" 💜 🙌 

Taco Bell has done it again, with the help of Revolution Carts & The Sheppard. This was the last of 5 events where Taco Bell gifted free sidewalk permitted push carts to Los Angeles & Orange County street vendors. Held in the middle of December, it was a beautiful sight to witness with all of the happy faces during the holiday season.


"Sidewalk Vendors Allowed To Vend at Local Home Depots Through A Partnership With
Best Food Trucks"

Very proud of the hustle from Cristina Torres with La Masita Fina, selling her delicious Tamales at Home Depot locations. Revolution Carts doesn't just sell sidewalk carts, we help to provide safe locations and opportunities for sidewalk vendors to sell legally. To visit one of the Home Depot's and taste some of the Best Tamales in Los Angeles, check out the Best Food Trucks website for schedules and menus


"The MexiCali Biennial Group Commissions Local Artist To Design & Gift a Sidewalk Cart"

Collaboration w/ the MexiCali Biennial team who commissioned famous artist Ruben Ochoa to design a sidewalk cart to be put on display at The Cheech Marin Center of Chicano Art & Culture for the Land of Milk & Honey Exhibit. After the exhibit, the cart will be donated to the much deserving street vendor "Tamales El Primo


"Rock Star Energy Drink Collabs With Revolution Carts To Donate One Of A Kind Custom Wrapped Sidewalk Carts"

Revolution Carts & The Rockstar Cinco - When LA street vendors collaborate with LA Artists to bring local food and art cultures together, making beautiful Sidewalk Tamale Carts. Respect the Hustle - Artists include: Defer + Ezra L.A. + Nevermade + Mel Depaz + Ernesto Yerena Montejano 


The Boys In Blue, Our Local Doyers, Buy Four Push Carts To Serve Freshly Steamed Dodger Dogs To Loyal Fans At Dodger Stadium"

Let's go Dodgers! Revolution Carts teamed up with Levy Restaurants to bring these Blue beauties to Dodger Stadium. Keep an eye out for them rollin' through the stadium grounds, serving up famous Dodger Dogs & Tamales 💙