Q: How much is the Tamalero Food Cart?
A: The current price of the cart is $7500 + tax

Q: How does payment work?
A: We require a 50% deposit to reserve your cart. After we receive your deposit, it usually takes between 1-2 weeks to prepare your new cart. The final balance will be due before you pickup or accept delivery.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept ACH, Wire, Zelle, Venmo or Cash App. 

Q: Do you offer financing for the carts?
A: Yes. You can contact our partners at Accessity to discuss loan options directly with them. Click HERE to start a conversation.

Q: Do you have any grant programs available?
A: Currently we do not have any grants through Revolution Carts but from time to time we partner with local donors who will gift a cart to a vendor in need. Follow our instagram page for grant updates @revolution_carts

Q: Do you offer delivery or is pickup available?
A: We recommend picking up the cart with a truck or van large enough to fit. If you are unable to pickup the cart, we offer local and National delivery for an additional fee.

Q: What are the dimensions of the cart and will it fit in my truck?
A: For loading purposes, the carts dimensions are 56" long (including the push bar) x 46" wide (from outside fender to fender) x 30" tall. We recommend a pickup truck or cargo van but we also know they fit in some minivans with the seats down. Specifically the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.

Q: Can I come see the cart in person before I decide to buy?
A: At this time we do not have a showroom and cannot let customers into our facility. But we do have a number of vendors that own the carts and are selling from them everyday in the greater LA area. We recommend you visit one of these locations to see the cart in use and speak to the experienced vendors. The most popular locations currently are at Home Depot stores in Lakewood & Downey. You can find the schedules of the vendors by clicking HERE

Q: Are the carts only permitted for use in Los Angeles?
A: No. The carts have been approved by local health departments in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Vernon & Humboldt.

Q: Can the carts be permitted to use in my county?
A: Yes. Our team can submit plans for the cart to any regional health department in the country and will most likely get it approved. There is a cost for plan submittal so we can only request approval from areas where carts will first be purchased for use.

Q: Do the carts come with a permit or do I need to get my own? 
A: All vendors must acquire their own Health Permits and Business Licenses from their local City/County before selling from the carts.

Q: What can I sell from the cart?
A: This is a hot holding cart for pre-packaged hot items only. Currently the carts can are approved to sell Tamales, Burritos, Steamed Hot Dogs, Elote and a few other hot items.

Q: Can you help me get all the required permits and paperwork to sell? 
A: Yes. If someone from our team is not available to help, we have local partners that specialize in helping vendors to obtain all of the necessary permits.

Q: Can I use these carts to sell on the sidewalk?
A: You can vend on most sidewalks (check your local laws for required sidewalk width to sell) as long as you obtain a Sidewalk permit. A sidewalk permit is separate from a health permit and is only required if you plan on selling from the sidewalk.

Q: How many tamales can fit in the cart?
A: The cart comes with 4 cylinder pots. Each pot is 13.5" deep and 11.5" wide (about 6 gallons each). Depending on the size of the tamal, the carts can hold anywhere from 250 - 325 tamales.

Q: Can you customize the cart to fit my selling needs?
A: At this time, the cart cannot be customized or modified to fit any other selling purposes. The cart was approved to be used as a pre-packaged hot holding cart only.

Q: Can I cook from this cart?
A: No, there is no cooking or grilling allowed on this cart. All items must be pre-made in a permitted facility and then loaded into the pots.

Q: How does the cart keep food warm?
A: The cart has a gas powered steam table underneath a stainless reservoir that holds a small amount of water (5 gallons). That water is kept warm which keeps the food items in the pots at the required temperature (140º). The cart holds a small 1 gallon (5 pound) propane tank along with an electric starter for ease of use.

Q: Do you have any other cart designs like for Ice Cream, Beverages or Cooking Tacos?
A: We are in the process of designing multiple carts. Our next cart will be a version for grilling / cooking onsite. Follow our instagram page @revolution_carts for updates

Q: Can I choose what color cart I want?
A: Yes, depending on stock, you can choose the color of your liking. Some colors include Red, White, Green, Navy, Black, White, Orange, Yellow, Baby Blue, Pink and Purple. Take a look at our instagram page @revolution_carts for color examples.

Q: Do you offer custom wrapping if I wanted to brand the cart?
A: Yes, we offer custom wrapping as well as design assistance (for an extra fee). Wrapping the cart costs around $900 - $1100 +/- and can take around 3-5 days to complete once the design is finalized. There may also be fees to transport the cart back and forth for installation.